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You already know what’s next on the horizon, and your talented team needs to be at their very best to meet it head on. You want to organize something extraordinary to re-energized them and have them focused. But what? And you don’t have time anyway. You need an expert to make things happen.

We are Orangeworks. Creators of exceptional experiences. Experiences that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and help realise the potential your operation has yet to tap into.

We have a vast, innovative event portfolio that focuses on core business objectives like team development, enhanced leadership, motivation, decision-making, empowerment and innovative thinking.

And because our programmes infuse fun with challenging collaborative activities, participants improve their levels of motivation, cooperation, performance and productivity, through team-centric adventures that are truly unforgettable.

Orangeworks is part of a global revolution in team building, and a certified member of the Catalyst Global Network, a group comprising 32 members in more than 40 regions around the world. But it’s the collective experience of our own expert personnel that ensures we’ll find the right solution, whatever the criteria you throw at us.


David Basset

Group MD

Whether it’s a half-day teambuilding session or a weekend in a wilderness you want, you want to know your people and your objective are both in safe hands. As our CEO, David is responsible for everything that Orangeworks does, across all brands, and thrives on it. Besides, he’s from Kerry, so adventure is second nature to him.

Oran Masterson

Director, Creator of Opportunities

If your people are hungry for a real challenge, it’s pointless creating an experience that is only fun. Meet Oran. He’s our resident ‘people person’ who loves tailoring corporate experiences to satisfy the more daring visions. A Wicklow native and avid offroader, Oran has been a pivotal part from the start of our own adventure.

Will Powderly

Event Director, Experience Creator

Bringing your unique vision to life needs an innovative mind. Will is an experience creator who can do just that, taking your idea, developing it, and making it a reality. A lifelong outdoor fanatic, when he’s not managing our events teams, he is working on ‘the next big thing’ and building up our portfolio of available experiences.

Arturs Burkalo

Events & Site Manager

The greater the challenge, the greater the abilities of your events instructor should be. Arturs is a qualified Sport, Leisure and Outdoor Adventure Management professional who practices what he preaches. In addition to heading up corporate events, he is also our lead instructor for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.

Noel Muldowney

MICE Sales Manager

Looking to make your team building event truly unique? You need to speak to Noel, our ‘details guy’ with an almost freakish encyclopedic knowledge of events programmes, experiences and suppliers. Noel is the guy to call when you want something different for your next event but don’t know where to start.

Fiona Cox

Financial Administrator

With us since her days at our Courtlough Adventure Centre, Fiona graduated from within our ranks to become our financial administrator and an irreplaceable member of the team. She handles everything with lightening fast efficiency, so no matter what you enquiry, you’re guaranteed to have her complete attention.

Oddie Braddell

Atmosphere Engineer

How can you ensure your group starts the programme barriers down? You need Oddie, our Master of Ceremonies who brings his own brand of energy and excitement to every event. An actor by profession, he develops remarkable experiences to an exacting standard, with larger-than-life character roles to ensure all attendees have fun and laughter, and life-long memories.

What They’re Saying

We have had great feedback from the day out and really appreciate the flexibility and help with everything on the day. The instructors were patient, encouraging and made everything optional and it was just great fun! We will ensure to keep Orangeworks in mind for any other team building events we have coming up.


Just to say many thanks for the day out, we had fantastic fun. Hope to see you in A&L soon.

A & L Goodbody

A great time had by all our group, thank you again!


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