Connect your people, build your sense of team, & drive employee engagement regardless of geographical limitations! Our remote team building activities are specifically designed to boost morale, create connection, and enable communication while you are working together as a virtual team.

Lip Sync Sing-A-Long

Have fun and get creative with your team during our lip syncing remote team building activity!

Game Cards for Orangeworks online team building activity called Digital Global Innovation Game.

Digital Global Innovation Game

Generate brilliant new ideas as a team in a creative remote team building environment!

Body Rap Remote

There’s nothing quite like some wacky high energy fun to encourage virtual team bonding.

Escape the Mob Online

Race to complete escape room style challenge in a this online team building game for remote employees.

Blockbusters On Location

Make working from home collaborative.. create an epic movie trailer during your next virtual team meeting session!

In The Picture – Remote

A fun remote team activity that explores individual uniqueness and shared identity.

Knowing Me Knowing You At Home

Individuals race to discover commonalities between themselves and others during their video conference call session.

Mary engaging in one of Orangeworks remote team building activities with her colleagues on their Zoom video meeting.

Race Around The World

Take part in a fun globe-trotting race around the world – all from the comfort of your remote working desk!

The Elimination Game

The remote working video conference Game Show where you must give just one right answer to stay in the game.

A remote team playing Peak Performance, one of Orangeworks remote team building exercises on their video conference call.

Virtual Peak Performance

An interactive business game for remote teams that enhances leadership skills & team engagement through experiential learning.

Go Remote

Connect your people and drive organisational engagement with a fun remote team building activity!

The Infinite Loop Online

Interactive learning and real-time communication make this a fun, high energy online game for remote teams.

A work from home team taking part in Go Explore during their Zoom meeting; one of Orangeworks remote team building activities.

Go Explore

Visit and learn about London’s most iconic locations without leaving your home - A fun online game for remote teams!

What They’re Saying

We have had great feedback from the remote experience and really appreciate the flexibility and help with everything. The instructor was patient, encouraging and it was just great fun! We will ensure to keep Orangeworks in mind for any other remote team building events we have coming up.

Just to say many thanks for the virtual experience, we had fantastic fun.

A great time had by all our group. We were unaware of how fun a virtual team building game could be, thank you again!

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