How to Show Your Staff The Love And Appreciation They Deserve

It can be easy to forget how valuable your employees are. But if your business is to truly succeed, it’s important to show your team some real appreciation. The question is how to do so.

The number one go-to is an increase in salary, but this is not always the right option to choose.

You need to show appreciation in a way that satisfies your team, that not only highlights their value to your organisation but also motivates and inspires.

We often spend our time focusing on customer appreciation, which should be a priority. But every once in a while, it’s necessary to show your employees some TLC. After all, without your employees, your company wouldn’t be the success it is today.

It’s Not Just Pampering

Finding the best way to show your staff you love what they do is not just about making them feel good. Your business can enjoy genuine benefits if you get it right.

A study into employee motivation, carried out by Westminster College, revealed that 69% of people would work harder if they believed their leaders appreciated their work. In the US, 78% agreed that being recognised motivated them at their job.

How To Show Your Staff You Love Them

With some careful thought, more engaging activities that can both be enjoyed and enhance office performances can be identified. There are 3 key categories worth considering:

  1. Career Growth Opportunities

What better sign that you like to stick around, than showing a willingness to invest in their professional future. Through career growth initiatives, you can provide employees with opportunities to take an active role in their long-term futures.

And while your employees appreciate the investment, your workforce will become more skilled and versatile at the same time.

  1. Facilitate Health And Well-Being

Having a healthy workforce is a good thing, increasing productivity and cutting absenteeism. According to research by The Tanner Institute, well-being initiatives result in both team and individual productivity rising by 20% (61% to 81%; 64% to 83% respectively).

Offering incentives for employees to work out, eat better or lose weight, and that promote a good work-life balance, brings definite benefits.

  1. Offer Employee Better Incentives

A key way to show employee appreciation is to offer initiatives that complement their own busy lives. Employees with young children, for example, may need flexibility when it comes to their parenting responsibilities. And why not let employees with a taste for travel work remotely (even if abroad) while they satisfy their wanderlust?

It’s about respecting your staff as people, not just employees. It underlines the trust you have in them, and when employees feel trusted to meet their responsibilities, they raise their own game in gratitude.

Employee Appreciation Day

Did you know there is a National Employee Appreciation Day? It is held annually on the first Friday of March, which this year is March 1st. It’s a day when all employers can celebrate the value of their employees, but that is not an excuse to limit such recognition to one day a year; the best companies will show it every day. So, can you!