Why Team Building Should Be A Part Of Your 2019 Business Strategy

You know how important your team is, and that each individual member plays a crucial part in your business’ success. But you also understand how difficult it is to maintain their momentum year on year.

Team building experiences not only help organisations keep things moving, but also enhance existing strengths and relationships. So, shouldn’t investing in team building be a key part of your 2019 Business Strategy?

To some, team building might seem like a fanciful waste of time, but research has consistently shown the opposite to be true. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration, making it one of the most important investments you will ever make in your business.

7 Benefits That Makes Team Building Worth The Investment

There are many ways that building an effective team can benefit your business. But we have put together a shortlist of 6 of the main benefits that make team building worthy of a place in your 2019 business strategy.

  1. Improves Communication

You already know the critical role good communication plays in building successful teams, but it’s nice when MIT confirm it in their own scientific research. According to MIT, face-to-face exchanges are a big part of effective communication. Team building requires a lot of collaboration and interaction, helping to build relationships, boost morale and performance.

  1. Enhances Leadership Skills

Clear communication is crucial if you want an effective team, so it’s a strength that leaders need to keep sharp. Team building activities help them to do so, with challenges that require strategies, communication and the fast identification of key strengths within the team.

  1. Develops Problem-Solving Skills

Through activities requiring rational and strategic thinking to identify problems and their solutions, one leadership skill critical to the success of any business gets plenty of practice. Strong problem-solving skills boost the effectiveness of any team, overcoming difficult hurdles to stay on target and ensure success.

  1. Promotes Company Culture

Your company culture ought to be an empowering influence, encouraging your employees to work more productively and be more creative. Team building reinforces the culture that drives your company forward, with activities requiring collaboration, teamwork, support and encouragement.

  1. Builds Trust

Successful teams depend on trust, safe in the knowledge that colleagues will pull together, support one another and get the job done. Team building develops trust by promoting teamwork and close cooperation to successfully navigate a set of challenges. If a team lacks trust then it’s guaranteed to lag behind the others.

  1. Shows Employee Appreciation

Employees know their hard work contributes to business success; but do their employers know it. According to one poll, 35% of employees believe lack of recognition is the biggest hindrance to productivity. Team building events are an effective way for leaders to reward employees for their contribution – and employees recognise it as the ‘thank you’ you mean it to be.

  1. Mitigates Conflicts

Conflicts are a destructive force at work, affecting the bottom line. Several factors can contribute to workplace conflict, not least poor communication. Team building activities are designed to foster cooperation, break down barriers and enhance communication – all of which contribute to a conflict-less working environment.

Reach out to our team anytime to explore some team building options for you in 2019. Help make your business strategy go from good to great by incorporating team building!