Top 5 Event Industry Trends for 2019

You know how often trends can come and go and so do we. Every year there are new trending topics within the event industry. If you can’t keep up, you risk falling behind, losing potential sales to competitors that know how to stay ahead.

Each year shows millennials becoming more prominent in the workplace, striving for a brighter and more positive future. The new year shows no different, millennials are the principal drivers behind 2019’s event industry trends.

So, what are the top event industry trends for 2019?


  1. Technology Continues to Reign

There’s no stopping technology, as it continues to grow we must adapt and learn how to incorporate it into the workplace. The next tech-based innovation Is always just around the corner.

Millennials are used to using technology in every aspect of their lives, it’s only natural that they want to include that in the events they’re taking part in too. The Infinite Loop is our latest tech-based team experience, combining lean management with virtual reality to solve problems through collaborative thinking.

  1. Wellness Programmes on the Agenda

As the line between our work and personal life becomes more hazed it’s becoming more and more important to fit wellbeing programmes into our work-life balance. According to, the millennial generation tend to have higher stress levels due to the constant pressure to succeed, 60% of 18-24 year olds and 41% of 25-34 year olds stated this.

Learning to practice mindfulness can help to reduce stress and maintain focus. Mindfulness has been a trending topic in team building for the last couple of years and this shows no change for the future. Meditainment is our wellbeing meditation experience that shows delegates how to practice mindfulness and provides take-home techniques that can be used daily.

  1. Events with a Purpose

An ever-growing topic of conversation, Corporate Social Responsibility is now a core value in most businesses. In Deloitte’s 2017 Millennial Survey, 76% of participants see business as a force for positive social change.

CSR can be incorporated into team building experiences allowing your people to give back whilst taking part in a fun and memorable activity. Go Team Go Give is our iPad-based interactive treasure trail that gives back through the Buy1 Give1 initiative. By completing checkpoint challenges your team will donate through the B1G1 foundation.

  1. Millennials as the Top Influencers

Millennials are set to represent almost half (46%) of the workforce by 2020 and they are determined to make a change.

Millennials want to make a difference in the world, it makes sense that each of the event trends listed for 2019 promote social progress. This generation is taking the steps to invest in improving society and the world around us, making changes towards what they believe in.

  1. Growth in Team Building & Team Development

Team Building is no longer seen as an excuse to get out of the office. There are core reasons and objectives behind organising a team experience. Facilitation is beginning to play a key part in the understanding and development of teams.

There is a purpose behind such an event and a number of benefits to take from them. Peak Performance is a tablet-based game that requires teams to monitor conditions and instruct guides up Mount Everest. This experience promotes strategic thinking, agile decision making, risk management and strong communication skills.

These event industry trends show a positive outlook for 2019 with a strong focus on important topics such as wellbeing, corporate social responsibility, leadership & development and adapting to new technologies.

With millennials at the forefront of the workforce, these trends are guaranteed to be incorporated into meetings and events throughout 2019. Orangeworks creates meaningful team experiences that work alongside your meeting objectives. Get in touch to organise your team event for 2019.