Why Christmas Parties Are Essential for Employee Engagement

It’s that time of the year again. Teams are ready to leave 2018 behind them and are excited to take on a new start. The work year is winding down and your team have achieved so much. But why should it stop there?

At Orangeworks, we find Christmas parties to be a crucial part of employee engagement. By having annual events set in place, such as Christmas parties, staff feel valued and appreciate the chance to celebrate their hard work throughout the year.

These events help to generate engagement between employees which, in turn, leads to higher performing teams. When employees feel appreciated and valued they are more productive at work.

It’s no doubt that the benefits Christmas parties can reap are often overlooked. So, what are they?

  1. Recognition & Reward– It’s important to show recognition of hard work and team effort throughout the year. Christmas events are often seen as an end of the year reward.
  2. Team Building – employees are given the chance to interact with one another outside of the work environment.
  3. Motivation & Opportunity to Recharge– It’s important for employees to be given some downtime. Christmas parties offer staff some time off to unwind and enjoy themselves.
  4. Company Values & Future Goals – Big annual events give you the chance to reinforce company values and emphasis objectives for the new year.

We offer an extensive range of Christmas themed team building experiences that will work for your party. Our latest experience, Christmas Quickfire, is a highly engaging app-based game of mental, physical and creative challenges, focusing on individual differences and risk and reward. This fun competitive experience works extremely well when combined with some Christmas team drinks!

Celebrate your team’s success together with one of our Christmas Team Building Experiences. Each activity is designed to unify your team, create an atmosphere of fun and engagement. Get in touch to organise your Christmas party event for 2018.