Why You Should Set Goals for the New Year Not Resolutions

You may think that new year resolutions are pointless and a waste of time. You’re right. New Year’s resolutions are often forgotten about, with less than 25% of people staying committed after January.

This year, instead of setting resolutions, set goals. Goals serve much more of a purpose and are more achievable. If you don’t set goals what are you working towards?

Set Yourself up for Success
When goals are set you have already taken a step towards a more successful you. By setting goals you are already setting a benchmark which allows you to know if you are succeeding so far. Goal setting marks your first point toward success. It’s when you switch from a passive state to being involved in life.

Creates Focus and Strategy
In order to create some direction in your career, it’s necessary to set goals. “Even though you may be working hard, your hard work may not translate into anything”.

By setting and achieving your goals you are building up self-confidence and increasing productivity. When you set a goal, you automatically start planning your next steps to help make your way towards that goal. This allows your mind to take a step in the right direction and your actions follow soon after. The body will follow the mind.

Personal Motivation
Setting goals you’ll actually be motivated to reach can be tricky. When you set goals that are too simple, they don’t push you to do your best and often lose their purpose. Although, when goals seem like they’re too big, you’re left feeling unmotivated and disheartened. “Establishing an end objective to work toward is a great way to motivate yourself to buckle down and stay focused”.

The importance of goal setting goes far beyond your work life. Setting goals allows us to help keep a positive and healthy growth mindset. Just as it’s important to have aspirations in life, it’s also important to set yourself some smaller goals in the meantime.