3 Ways Role Play Games Help Boost Your Team’s Performance

Want To Boost Your Team’s Performance? Here Are 3 Ways Role Play Games Can Help

You’ve got a great team of people who work hard and meet their targets. But it’s time to take your business to the next level and to do so successfully, a boost in team performance is necessary. Are your people ready to take the leap?

Through Role Play Games, they will be, delivering a shared experience that enhances teamwork in the guise of soul-inspiring fun in order to strengthen team unity and boost overall team performances.

Role play games are not exactly new in the world of focused staff training, and research suggesting teams that continually engage in role-playing activities are statistically more likely to outperform their non-role-playing competitors.

What Role Play Games Offer

Even if your existing team is operating well, any step up is going to place heavy new demands on each member. Just as diligent homeowners will ready their homes for the hurricane that’s forecast to hit, you need to make sure every member is ready for the high winds you can see coming.

Role Play Games deliver dependable benefits by developing 3 key high-value aspects:

  • Builds Confidence – Since participants face any number of hypothetical every-day scenarios, they learn how to deal with difficult situations. As a result, they will be better armed to approach real situations with greater confidence.
  • Develops Problem-Solving Skills – When deadlines are hovering and the pressure to perform is acute, a team’s problem-solving abilities can be the difference between success and failure. Role play training throws up problems within a controlled environment that allow participants fine-tune their creative problem-solving skills.
  • Enhances Communication – Good communication is synonymous with the best teams. But listening is only one aspect; non-verbal indicators (body language) are also important. Role play games help members become aware of and develop their non-verbal communication skills.

Has Your Team Got Attention Control?

You already know that the best way to learn is by doing. You also know it’s not because it turns theory into action, it’s because it provides people with the experience they need to better tackle the problem if it should crop up again.

But there is another value in getting first-hand practical experience. It helps a person learn to focus on the important aspects, and not be distracted by irrelevant ones. It’s called ‘Attention Control’, and it’s a particular skill every high-performing team contains.

‘Attention Control’ is the natural capacity to recognise what to pay attention to and what to ignore, a skill which several studies have shown can be easily transferred across different task requirements to achieve better results.

Whether building a bridge or solving complex puzzles, Role Play Games provide controlled scenarios designed to develop Attention Control. So, as a group, your people can work closer, solve faster, perform better, and overcome the new challenges your step onto the next level are set to bring.

If you want to get your team ready for the next step, our customizable experiences can help ready them to triumph over the difficult new challenges you anticipate. Orangeworks provides a range of Role Play Games that fine-tune problem solving, communication and attention control skills, giving your team members the confidence to take on whatever high winds are coming. Why not get in touch to explore some ideas.