Are you familiar with stop-motion animation?

Does Animate fit your team?

Group Size

6 – 200


2 Hours 

Event Type

In Person





What is Animate?

Animate is a fun and creative team building event based around stop motion animation technology. Stop motion is a technique of moving an object in small increments between individually photographed frames to create the illusion of continuous movement when the frames are played in sequence.

Groups are challenged to create a unique digital stop motion animation movie based around a theme which can be tailored to your team, project or business.

This team bonding challenge starts with teams creating a ‘storyboard’ of the desired outcome of their stop motion animation. 

The teams then take the objects of their animation and any other props they want to use and digitally record them moving through a series of small sequential steps. Once complete, the team play back their video to see their stop motion animation story come to life, with rewarding and often hilarious results.

How can it help your team?

Animate helps bring business objectives, product launches and key messages to life in a fun and thought-provoking way. The theme sets the frame but the story and messages are limited only by the imagination of each team.

A collaborative twist can be added to Animate whereby teams must work together so that their animation clips link together at the end to form a long clip which tells one cohesive story. 

In Animate, everyone has a role to play. As any filmmaker will confirm, communication, planning and coordination are essential elements of film making. All great skills to enhance in your group!

Key Learning Outcomes

Strategic Planning

Resource Planning

Time Management


Fun Team Experience