Beat the Box


Teams combine several skills to develop solutions and crack the code. In order to beat the challenge, they need to enter the code into an electronic combination lock and open the box before time runs out!

The event begins with a video message being shown in which a chilling voice challenges delegates to a game. Each team has a pre-determined amount of time to crack their code, once they do the countdown stops. In order for the entire group to win the game, they must enter the code into the electronic combination lock before the countdown is over.

The only tools that can be used in the room are each team’s locked aluminium box. Firstly, they must open the boxes and they discover 4 intriguing cases which are protected by strong combination locks. These contain codes and mysteries that teams must solve to progress.

Once they reach the final case delegates find letters. If they put all letters in the right order, a predefined slogan will be shown and the code revealed – the countdown stops and the game is over.

Intensity rises, at times teams may doubt their ability to be successful but belief in their own abilities can solve the most hopeless of situations. Beat the Box isn’t easy but this only makes success much more sweet and valuable.

Learning and development outcomes
One of the most important aspects of this experience is participants combining their efforts and skills to create a solution. What makes this a perfect mix of competition and collaboration is that at the end teams need to cooperate towards a common goal and crack that code.

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“Thank you, this was so much fun. We all loved it and lunch will be even more fun discussing just how much we enjoyed our experience Beating the Box!!!!”