Beatbox Rox

An energising, speed-training vocal percussion workshop that unites teams in a lively and invigorating way.


This unique energiser can be used during a large conference to inject some energy and vitality into the programme, or as a rewarding experience for a smaller workshop.

What is Beatbox Rox?

Beatbox Rox is not your usual group icebreaker or conference energizer. It is a unique method of beatboxing; injecting energy and vitality into your day. The experience begins with an introductory piece by our inhouse beatboxer. During his performance, some amazing skills, and amusing, familiar sounds are demonstrated. Once the opening performance is complete, your group are then lead through several unusual voice exercises which will stretch chords and free any inhibitions. Everyone is left laughing at the ridiculous sounds that fill the room.

After this, delegates will be divided into groups and taken through some vocal percussion workouts which create a sensation of vocal aerobics! Once they’ve mastered this, everyone is brought together in a final bespoke company designed crescendo and they perform as one team. Our performer will beatbox over them to help gel the groups together.

How does it help your team? 

The format of Beatbox Rox is designed to entertain and involve everyone from beginning to end! This high energy and exhilarating shared team icebreaker experience creates positive attitudes and unifies the group. It is a clever and effective yet simple way to kick off a conference. Everyone will finish feeling energised and ready for what’s ahead!

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Hilarious energising fun
  • Unifies the group 
  • Shared experience 
  • Speed training 

Does Beatbox Rox fit your team?

“It was great to have the Orangeworks team work with our group for the afternoon – the beatbox session brought great energy and fun to our off-site event.”

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