Transporting your group to the streets of Rio for an experience infused with the infectious rhythms of samba. BeatsWork joins everyone together to play their part, in time and on cue.


Using the rhythms of samba, transform your group in a giant percussion band!

Each team learns the basics of samba beats and techniques by our professional percussionist. Taking part in a number of warm-up exercises, participants gain a strong sense of the required rhythm. They then quickly progress to real instruments. As their confidence grows, groups are brought together to prepare for a finale of epic proportions.

Everybody is involved when taking part in BeatsWork. This event will have even the most shy or reserved individuals emerge as the power of music takes over! Everyone stamps, beats, shakes and drums together to the rhythm.

BeatsWork demonstrates that when individuals work together in rhythm they become unstoppable. Considering the importance of unity in the workplace and the connections created by shared achievement, this is one experience that’s going to be hard to beat!

“BeatsWork was a very good, interactive Team Building activity. We enjoyed it & was very fun.”