Transporting your group to the streets of Rio for an experience infused with the infectious rhythms of samba.


Using the rhythms of samba, transform your group in a giant percussion band!

What is Beatswork? 

Beatswork transports your group to the streets of Rio for a teambuilding experience infused with the infections rhythms of samba. The activity starts with teams being taught the basics of samba beats and technique by a professional percussionist. Through a variety of warm-up exercises designed to give everyone a strong sense of the required rhythm, they quickly progress to real instruments and gain an understanding of their crucial role in the performance of the finished piece.

Beatswork is an all-inclusive team bonding activity where everybody is involved in an earth-moving, epic finale. Shy or reserved personalities emerge from their shells as the social power of music takes control. Colleagues beat, shake, stamp and drum in time together in a pulsating display of teamwork.

How can it help your team? 

Beatswork has become a musical team building phenomenon. Given the central importance of unity in the workplace and the bonds created by shared achievement, this is one experience that’s hard to beat! It is a prime example of how collaboration and communication can help to achieve something truely magnificent. 

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Energising a conference 
  • Team dynamics
  • New language & skill learning
  • Role allocation 

Does Beatswork fit your team?

Beatswork team building event details

Participants of the team building activity Beatswork, smiling, dancing and playing the drums at their conference event.
Delegates holding samba drums, watching an Orangeworks instructor as they learn to play during Beatswork.
Participants of Beatswork gathered in a circle performing together for the big finale of the drumming workshop by Orangeworks

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