Big Picture

Teamwork is the foundation for the creation of a united work of art.


The best teams are those that unite through the sharing of common goals to produce a Big Picture masterpiece.

Separated into small groups, teams are tasked with painting a small section of The Big Picture. The final piece is a completely bespoke design, created just for your company. Delegates have no clue what the final image is, they must work together to ensure that all lines meet up and colours match.

This is not a competitive activity; teams must collaborate and adopt a ‘big picture’ approach to guarantee success. Teams must coordinate effectively for each canvas to fit perfectly.

The Big Picture image is completely up to you – it can be a representation of the brand, conference theme, products, values, goals or even your own recreation of a famous work of art. Once completed, all canvases are gathered and framed together, ready for the big reveal! This is the highlight of the event as delegates are eager to see what they have created as a united team. The masterpiece is revealed to the thundering sound of applause and cheers.

Your team’s masterpiece can be proudly exhibited back in your office as a reminder of what can be achieved through teamwork.

“The Big Picture was absolutely brilliant and we received so much positive feedback afterwards.  I don’t think anyone could believe we had managed to create such a great finished piece.”