Body Rap

Simple and quirky group rhythm with a colourful twist!


Body Rap is the perfect energiser to boost your delegates spirits and leave them feeling refreshed. Teams grab some colourful gloves and create some music using only their bodies. Get your team loosened up in an environment of off-the-wall bonding!

This is the ideal conference pick-me-up, inject life and vigour into any meeting! This is music but not as you know it.

Our charismatic conductor starts off by warming up everyone with a few body sound exercises. They’re then asked to pull on their rubber gloves and they begin stomping, body-slapping and vocalising as a unified group creating a colourful musical spectacular. The aural and visual effects will have everyone in fits of laughter as they do the Body Rap together.

This is a truly powerful event uniting teams through humour, rhythm and shared experience. Body Rap concludes with a re-energised team ready to focus.