Boom Time

A high energy, unique conference energiser- unify your team and create adrenaline pumping beats!


Unite your delegates in a fun and energy-filled challenge grounded in the power of music. Cost-effective and an excellent icebreaker, this is an event which hits all the right notes.

Using precision tuned musical tubes called Boomwhackers, your team will whack, smack and thump into a musical frenzy. The perfect icebreaker which will turn any conference room into a fast-paced orchestra that will have everyone engaged and energised.

A visual interface guides your group to creating great sounds. Musical blocks move across a large screen, individuals use timing  and teamwork create musical notes. As the event progresses, the blocks move faster and the song starts to sound like it’s really coming together. The best part of this event is the simplicity- there is no need for long tutorials, extra rooms or separating the group into smaller sections.

Boom Time ensures everyone’s brought together through joy and laughter as they perform as one. They finish feeling energised, positive and united.