Commercial Break

Delegates create their own message and nurse it from initial stages of planning all the way through to the final screening.


Give your product or service an on-screen makeover by creating your very own commercial.

Television commercials are one of the most powerful communication mediums. By providing a world-wide audience, restricted only by imagination; these ads influence majorly, whether subtle or obvious. Commercials have a massive effect on us, they make us think, laugh or cry.

In Commercial Break, participants develop their message and harbour it from initial planning to final screening. The world of TV advertising is fun, fascinating and creative as delegates will soon experience as they seek to create an award-winning commercial.

Delegates begin by being divided into agencies, they’re then briefed and provided with the necessary tools to create their vision. Each agency has access to cameras, make-up and acting lessons. Their next step is to develop a strategy, storyboard and script before they begin production. The advertising world is demanding, agencies begin to realise this as they manage time, people and their resources to provide a successful commercial.

A combination of project management skills with strategic and creative abilities, Commercial Break encourages teamwork and delegation of tasks. An award ceremony concludes the event which rewards advertising excellence and celebrates team’s work.