Corporate Body Building

Individuals collaborate as a team to create their company name or logo on a massive scale. A great kick-start to an event or as a spectacular grand finale to a company conference.!


The number one asset in every organisation? People. Corporate Body Building aims to show individuals that they’re part of a bigger picture. Emphasising that everyone plays a vital role in your organisation and bringing everyone together, literally.

A natural icebreaker, participants create your company name or logo using only themselves. They must put themselves in the picture and use their own bodies as “living pixels” to create a large-scale image.

Each individual is assigned a letter or segment of the final image. They must each join with a number of others to complete the name or logo. They must then work alongside other segments or letters to complete the final vision. Corporate Body Building breaks the ice, brings people together and makes everyone feel like they are part of something greater.

Once everyone is in their final position, the company name or logo is photographed from above to create a lasting record of the event.