Hit all the right notes in this elegant exercise, playing in harmony as one.


The creators of Orchestrate are back again with a unique musical experience for your team. Crescendo is perfect for busy conference schedules and takes place in a single room so there are no disruptions.

Our musical tutors will introduce individuals to their violin or viola, they will then learn the workings of these instruments. Even individuals with no musical experience will notice some amazing results using our unique approach. Everyone will begin learning their part for our custom-made composition. This is a composition specially styled to include the entire group. Confidence grows and individuals are ready for the final performance.

Crescendo combines music and team spirit. Morale is sure to soar as delegates come together to create wonderful sounds together as one cohesive unit.

The benefits brought on by introducing a musical interlude to any conference will amaze you. The opportunity to interact in a unique way will leave delegates feeling rewarded and grateful.