An uplifting and unique classical team building experience.

Does Crescendo fit your team?

Group Size

8 – Unlimited


1 Hour

Event Type

In Person





What is Crescendo?

A unique music themed team building activity. Crescendo invites delegates to learn string instruments and experience playing in a string Orchestra. Experienced tutors will introduce delegates to their violin or viola and teach them the workings of these beautiful instruments. 

Once acquainted, players will apply their newfound skills to a composition styled to include the entire group. Confidence grows with the intensity of a complementary backing track that ties the performance together. Introduce it to your conference schedule and be amazed at the benefits brought on by taking a short ‘musical interlude’.

How can it help your team?

Crescendo is a joyous celebration of music and team spirit. Morale is sure to swell to new heights once delegates come together to create wonderful music together as a cohesive unit. This fun team building activity instils a positive mind-set that will benefit all who participate. Colleagues will be grateful for the opportunity to interact with each other in such a unique and rewarding way.

Key Learning Outcomes

Aligns Organisations

Inspires Creativity

Communication Skills

Unifies The Group