Festive Race Around The World

A fun, festive globel trotting race around the world!

Does Festive Race Around The World fit your team?

Group Size

8 – 400 


1 – 1.5 Hours

Event Type






What is Festive Race Around The World?

Festive Race Around the World is a collaborative remote team building activity that challenges  delegates to race through the night delivering toys to children all over the world.  Teams complete a series of festive challenges through the Go Team App to win carrots that will keep the reindeer flying the sleigh.

Participants are appointed as either Santa or his Elves. Santa delivers the presents and the Elves guide him through the challenges. A countdown clock on each of the six continent stages will maintain the pace. The team who has finished all the stages first are crowned the winners.

How can it help your team?

Festive Race Around the World allows remote workers to break out from siloed roles, interact with colleagues and bond on an informal level. The team start by planning, despite a lot of unknowns, and adopt an agile approach as the game unfolds. An enquiring mind, creative thinking and keen investigative skills are required to gather information needed to solve the games challenges.

The game design encourages all participants to engage in active listening and clear, concise communication; ensuring they sharpen their online communication skills. Team members bond through a shared objective and find enjoyment while escaping on a virtual festive trip around the world. 

Key Learning Outcomes

Communication Skills

Strategic Thinking

Team Dynamics

Creative Thinking

Collaborative Decision Making