Fifteen Famous Minutes

The glitz and glamour of a Hollywood Classic – your team takes on some of the most famous films. Lights, Camera, Action!


It’s amazing how many actors and actresses are needed to create some of the best Hollywood blockbusters. Teams are tasked with creating some cinematic magic using necessary equipment and guidance.

Teams light up the silver screen as they star in their own Hollywood classic. Provided with costumes, props, make-up, music, lights, a camera, directors’ chair and clapper-boards – it’s up to individuals to bring their creativity and talent to the set!  Technical support will be on hand to help in the world of film-making and acting. This will be no amateur production. The ultimate challenge is creating a fifteen-minute version of a Hollywood classic.

Crucial to the film’s success are time management and strategy. Before beginning to shoot, delegates must plan, create a script and then rehearse in order to perfect their performance. Editing takes place in-camera, this means scenes must be shot in sequence and efficiently planned.

Fifteen Famous Minutes concludes with a premiere showing of all movies at an Oscars-style award show. Everyone’s efforts and talents are recognised and rewarded.

Fifteen Famous Minutes Key Business Benefits