Flat Out: Afloat

Can you sail the high seas on the ship that teamwork built?

Does Flat Out: Afloat fit your team?

Group Size

16 – Unlimited



2 – 2.5 Hours 


Event Type

In Person



Competitive /



Indoor & Outdoor


What is Flat Out: Afloat?

Flat Out Afloat is a team building exercise that hinges on project management, group communication and keeping a cool head under pressure. Teams are presented with an outwardly impossible task: construct seaworthy vessels against the clock using unlikely building materials.

Teams must build, design and decorate their vessel before competing against one another in a race. The proof of a job well done, takes place on a lake, pool or the open sea where only one team is crowned the Masters of the Sea! 

How can it help your team?

This inspirational team building activity helps teams discover how innovation and the blending of individual strengths can make difficult tasks much easier to achieve. Every team member has a role to play and adds something to the team. 

Key Learning Outcomes

Strategic Planning

Practical Leadership

Communication Skills


Fun Team Experience