Flat Out Afloat

What seems to be impossible is often easily achieved through teamwork. Will your team be able to build and sail their very own ship?


Thor Heyedahl, a Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer inspired the creation of Flat Out Afloat. As he sailed 4,300 miles from Peru to Polynesia to prove ancient seafarers could survive long sea journeys.

Presented what seems to be an impossible task; constructing a vessel under time constraints with unlikely building materials. Flat Out Afloat assists teams in discovering how both innovation and the blending of skills can make the impossible – possible.

A combination of project management, group communication and staying calm whilst under pressure. Everyone plays a vital role; the finale shows teams launch their vessels into the water and do the impossible – stay afloat!

Your group has the choice of finishing off with a race, regatta, sea battle or sunken treasure challenge. Each of these can take place on a lake, pool or the open sea as a great finale to a rewarding day.