Flat Out Chariot Challenge

Constructing full sized cardboard chariots to use in a ‘Ben Hur’ chariot race.


Bringing Ancient Rome to the 21st century, teams will build and design their very own cardboard chariots to race.

Provided with a model kit which includes materials and a blueprint to build a full-scale chariot. The success of this event relies on a combination of communication, time management, collaboration and creativity. Project management skills will also play a big part in this event as there are a number of detailed tasks to be completed and coordinated correctly.
Teams are given time to style and decorate their newly built chariots highlighting organisation’s messages and values. The finale of Flat Out Chariot Racing ends in either a race to test speed and skill or a gladiator themed parade.

Flat Out Chariot Racing is fun and competitive, a great team building experience for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Everyone is rewarded for their innovation and creativity with an exciting conclusion to the perfect corporate day out.


“We thoroughly enjoyed the Chariot Challenge activity and the Orangeworks guys were great at getting everybody up and going, there’s nothing I would have changed.”