Flat Out Formula One

This adrenaline-fuelled challenge sets teams the task of building their very own Formula 1 cars – and then racing them!


In order to complete these full scale F1 cars teams must be master the skills of communication and collaboration.

As this is a very complex creation, project management plays a massive part as each members’ strengths are recognised and utilised. Provided with detailed instructions, teams must turn some flat-pack materials into their race vehicle.

Slight set-backs are bound to happen, as are test-based adjustments between practising pit-stop changes and grid starts.

Teams are also given time to cover their Formula 1 cars in their own unique designs highlighting company values, reinforcing brand messages.

A race qualification then takes place and confirms each teams’ grid position before moving onto the finale of the event: your organisation’s own DIY Grand Prix! Teams compete against each other in a race and the champion emerges with a wave of the checked flag.

This event requires efficiency and cooperation, rewarding delegates with a thrilling experience.

“The Flat Out F1 activity was so much fun!! I don’t think we expected it to be such a challenge which made us work much closer together as a team.”