Communication is KEY for this team building experience!


Create a replica of a pre-made model with the help of your teammates.

What is iBuild? 

The objective of this innovative team building activity is to pass information throughout a communication chain of 3 groups (Architects, Couriers & Builders) in order to create an exact replica of a model, made of very simple materials. Teams allocate roles and develop a communication strategy. The information must flow through the line from the Architect, passed to the Courier and then must reach the Builder. Half way through, team members switch roles and continue the build process.When the time is up, teams come together to view their creations and participate in a guided debrief where they are encouraged to share their experiences.

How does it help your team? 

iBuild is a unifying team bonding experience with strong outcomes focusing on the importance of language, feedback and creating a step by step project strategy. The strict rules are designed specifically to emphasise the main principles of accurately conveying information. iBuild is a great way of enhancing internal communication skills between different company teams or departments, as well as, customer communication.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Communication skills
  • Cross functional cooperation
  • Time management
  • Collaborative problem solving

Does iBuild fit your team?

iBuild - Orangeworks Team Building Activity

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