In The Picture

Emphasising the role of people within an organisation. Capture your company’s logo with a personal touch!.


People are often said to be the number one asset in organisations. In the Picture allows your team to display how you work together by designing your company logo with a personal touch.

Your people represent your brand. Celebrate this by bringing your logo to life, create your organisations logo by using every team member that makes the company whole.

Arriving at your conference, each delegate will have their photograph taken against a number of coloured backdrops. Images are processed by our computer system during the conference to create a wonderfully-inclusive finale which includes all delegates as the stars!

A dramatic soundtrack begins to play. A fast-paced sequence of faces appear on the big screen. Then a montage of four faces, then sixteen, then sixty-four. Zooming out and the pace quickens, more and more faces appear until there are too many to count. As the camera continues to pull back until we see that the images, have come together to create the company logo or themed conference message.

In just three minutes, In the Picture highlights the massive role your people play in your company’s success, acknowledging and celebrating everyone’s contribution.