Need 4 Speed

Put your team in top gear by taking part in this fun team building experience.


This table-based production line simulation requires teams to create several snap-together cars. They begin by being presented with a number of jumbled parts.

Need 4 Speed requires teams to be super-efficient. Each car has its own unique style and essential extras; the pressure is on as they must shave seconds off build times in order to stay ahead of the competition. Teams are encouraged to evaluate their performance in order to keep improving.

Even though there is an emphasis on speed, quality control will be brutal and small defects will be punished. Teams must create perfect models, at high speed which is no simple task.

As they move onto following stages, the focus shifts from time management to the overall performance of the entire group. Production times are measured against previous groups in the best ever times on the leaderboard. This highly rewarding experience emphasises performance review and improvement. Constant communication ensures efficiency and quality, whilst in an environment of practical fun.

Need 4 Speed Key Business Benefits