A powerful musical experience which reaches an unforgettable crescendo.


This 90-minute exercise will turn your group into a real symphony orchestra. Regardless of musical ability, this spectacular experience will unite your team and have them working in perfect harmony.

The ultimate example of a team working as one. Bringing their own individual talents and ideas, Orchestrate will utilise them all in a way that improves your group overall. An experience that until now has only been available to the dedicated musician. With one common goal, each individual must use their creativity and ability to complete their tasks.

Learning to play real instruments from the four sections of a real symphony orchestra: strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. As soon as they’ve chosen their instruments, delegates will begin to learn different sections under the direction of our musicians. Once everyone is up to speed, they all come together as a might symphony orchestra under the baton of our conductor. Orchestrate concludes with the group playing a five-minute-long piece. The effect being electrifying.

One of our most demanding and challenging events, unleashing delegates’ full potential and allowing them to achieve what is perceived to be impossible. An unforgettable experience that changes mindsets and frees imaginations.

Orchestrate Key Business Benefits

“I have largely been looking after the events in our company for the past 5 years, and Orchestrate has certainly been the best one to date.”