Puppet Masters

This is the ultimate communication test as teams create & manipulate enormous puppets.


A combined test of communication skills, collaboration and performance as teams work together to make puppets perform seemingly simple human actions.

Program outline

Bringing life and soul to a pile of inanimate objects seems impossible – but is it really? Puppet Masters challenges teams to divide this overall task into smaller, reachable steps.

We bet you’ve never considered how many different actions it takes to walk! It requires serious co-ordination shifting your weight from one leg to the other, you also engage your hips, abs, waist and back to keep your balance.

You’ve seen 10 metre puppets on the side-lines of football matches and marching centre stage at the Olympics. This is your opportunity to experience the creativity and empathy involved in creating these puppets.

Each team becomes a ‘nerve centre’, they control the puppets movements aiming to wow colleagues with an effortless performance. This is a fully inclusive activity in which everybody has a clear understanding of their responsibility in the bigger picture.

Test your team’s communication, process improvement and operational excellence skills by participating in Puppet Masters. This hilarious activity is truly entertaining as individuals take control of a different body parts to perform human actions like walking, waving or blowing a kiss.

For the finale, teams make their puppet perform a popular dance move such as Gangnam Style, bringing the event to a fantastic finish!

Puppet Masters only works if all individuals get involved in strategy and project planning both when constructing the puppet and manipulating it.  This makes for great teamwork and communication.

Puppet masters Key Business Benefits

“We thoroughly enjoyed the Puppet Masters activity and the Orangeworks team were excellent! We look forward to working with Orangeworks again for our next team activity.”