Highlighting the significance of sustainability and recycling in a rhythm based team event.


Our actions today when it come to the environment will have a big impact on future generations. It’s important for businesses to help raise awareness and reinforce these important messages. Re-Percussion has been created to highlight the significance of sustainability and recycling.

Your team will be given the opportunity to explore the ‘voice’ of numerous recyclable items, ultimately joining them together to create a unique and grand ‘junk percussion’ ensemble. The equipment used to make some beats often vary, we provide useful tools such as water bottles, wooden spoons, kitchen brushes, plastic plates, cups and cutlery, rubbish bins, plastic bags and containers, car tyres, coffee tins …and much more!

Our team will burst into the
event room (on cue) performing
high energy drum rhythms with
recyclable items as they make their
way to the stage.
This is the perfect way to get your group energised! Using signals and mnemonics, your team will execute rhythmic arrangements that often appear complex to the untrained ear.
Re-Percussion finishes up with a sensational finale that is guaranteed to leave guests inspired, motivated and highly energised!