Red Alert

Teams must come together and get creative to stop the virus!


Delegates must apply creative thinking and their problem-solving skills in a mission to stop a computer virus from corrupting their company data. 

red alert details tile

The countdown begins and the teams work intensely to decipher the code on their crate. If a team finishes early, they learn that they can assist the other teams in completing their puzzles. Once they have obtained all of the codes, the teams must bring them from each crate to the central Red Alert sphere. Entering the code will stop the countdown clock and quarantine the virus.

The message behind Red Alert demonstrates there is a big difference between looking and seeing. Throughout the challenge, delegates build up the ability to see an obstacle from more than one angle. They must apply innovative and creative thinking to solve the puzzles and stop the virus. Towards the end of the game, delegates break from their initial teams and learn to collaborate and help the other teams for the benefit of the group as a whole.


RED ALERT Key Business Benefits