Revel Music

Beat the drum for a common purpose and harmonise the energy and spontaneity of people working together well.


Throughout history and in all corners of the world drums have been used to bring people together in communication, ceremony, battle, celebration.

What is Revel Music? 

Delegates will be given a choice of drums and percussion instruments from around the world. Our instructors introduce the delegates to the basics of drumming and teach the language of rhythm using non-verbal communication techniques.

Once the group is able to play as one and a group rhythm is established, musical breaks and solos are added to increase complexity and create a breathtaking shared musical experience. It is an experience that will unite and ignite the delegates and leave them ready to take on any challenge. 

How can it help your team? 

Revel Music is a quick, invigorating and economic way to focus and unify a team at any conference or company event. A highly-effective drum workshop concentrated into less than 60 minutes of positive and inspiring team activity – perfect when time and space is limited. Revel Music is also designed to take place in the main conference room, without the need for breakout rooms. 

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • High energy 
  • Unifies the group 
  • Creates a positive mood 
  • Provides inspiration 
  • Shared experience 

Does Revel Music fit your team?

Revel Music event details

Contact us via the button below if you would like more information on Revel Music. Orangeworks have a full range of music themed team icebreakers and energisers for conferences. We can help you get your people energised and ready for their busy day ahead!