Situation Room

Can your team reveal the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHO?


Teams balance speed with accuracy in assessing real-time information to reveal the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHO in regard to developing a Situation!

The event is driven by Video Briefs delivered at set time points throughout the programme to replicate “real-time” status updates. A countdown timer provides teams with an indication of the time remaining until the next update. A briefcase which contains locked compartments (ALPHA / BRAVO / CHARLIE / DELTA) is central to the program. Each locked compartment (when opened) provides the challenges and resources for teams to assess and solve in order to submit information for “Special Ops” to act upon. A secure device (iPad and Situation Room APP) provides a link to “Special Ops” for teams to submit their findings.


Teams will be challenged to think strategically and apply agile ways of working in order to link the right people and information at the right time. As a result, participants will develop an understanding and appreciation of the important role that cross-functional communication plays in situational leadership and high performance under pressure.