A fun retro team building activity with old school mini games


Do you remember Snake & Space Invaders? 

What is Synergyk?

Synergyk is a retro team building activity that involves a series of old school classic mini- games like Snake & Space Invaders. Teams are assigned to a Synergyk game console containing controllers such as buttons, joysticks, sliders and dials. They must take part in a series of cryptic mini-games and brain teasing challenges using the controllers of the box. Old school classic games like Snake & Space Invaders are included in the challenge. The game mechanics encourage cooperation; players cannot play alone, and they must rely on their team to move forward. The game analyses the score obtained by teams in every mini-game, evaluating competencies that result in a team report.

How does it help your team? 

Using built-in algorithms this team building activity cleverly analyses every team interaction and evaluates competencies to produce individual team reports. By doing so, SYNERGYK becomes more than a fun team bonding experience; it also provides managers with helpful feedback regarding their strengths and weakness in teamwork and problem-solving

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Developing Networking Skills
  • Boosts Team Morale
  • Forges New Connections

Does Synergyk fit your team?

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