Team Torque

Construct your very own speed machine and be pitted against other teams in an exciting race.


How would you like to impress your clients with some engineering skills and a day of races? Everyone likes some friendly in-house competition.

To win the necessary parts for construction of your model car, your team must complete several tasks. Teams must make sure that they give their car a unique and personal flavour.

Everyone is expected to come up with a uniquely designed race car, but they are restricted to a budget and time limit. Brand and product placement can be included on your race car which also comes highly recommended.

Once the car is completed, skills are combined and abilities of every member of the team are showcased on the race track. The mechanic is told to pump as much air as possible in to the car which will send it flying from the start line. The team that travels the furthest is named as the winner.

This racing event can be run as a once off game or made as a tournament along with a combination of other team building activities for companies or individual celebrations.

Team Torque Key Business Benefits

“It was brilliant. Everyone loved participating and the Orangeworks team were great to work with – the ‘Team Torque’ event was seen as a massive success!”