The Curio Show

Guessing, bluffing, deduction and inspection. This is a truly fun and unique experience.


Half ‘Antiques Roadshow’, half ‘Call My Bluff’, this is the perfect team building experience, an icebreaker for any conference or just a fun corporate event.

Teams must evaluate a collection of pieces which have many potential uses and interesting appearances. These present an obstacle for teams to overcome as they attempt to guess their age, value and intended use.

The first round is perfect for pre-dinner drinks. Teams inspect curios using their hands and eyes, which sit on numbered plinths around the room. Objects are even able to be take apart to discover their true identity. Once this round is finished, teams must come to a united decision.

Once they have a short coffee break, the final round begins. The true identity, age and value of one of the pieces is revealed. It’s then up to them to come up with two further descriptions and present these along with the real description to everyone. The more convincing the descriptions, the more likely they will influence the other teams’ evaluations of the object. Teams debate the merit of all descriptions, hoping to discover the truth before the big reveal. Once the true identity is revealed delegates are laughing and celebrating their abilities.

The Curio Show is a collaborative and fun experience. This event guarantees a unique shared experience.

The Curio Show Key Business Benefits