The Curio Show

Guessing, bluffing, deduction and inspection. This event’s got all the hallmarks of a great mystery.

Does The Curio Show fit your team?

Group Size

20 – Unlimited


1 – 2 Hours

Event Type

In Person







What is The Curio Show?

The Curio Show revolves around a varied collection of objects which teams must evaluate. Teams then inspect the curios. Following a coffee break, the final round begins. The teams are each given the identity, age and value of one of the curios. They must then come up with a further two plausible descriptions and present these alongside the real description to the rest of the group. When the true identity of each curio is revealed; the delegates can laugh and celebrate their deductive abilities – or lack thereof.

Key Learning Outcomes

Breaks The Ice

Unifies The Group

High Energy

Focuses The Mind

Shared Experience