Global Team Development Industry Conference 2020

Orangeworks is delighted to announce that we have secured a global conference for Ireland!

Catalyst Global, the world’s leading curator of team building products and the largest team building organisation globally, in partnership with Orangeworks, will host the Global Team Development Industry Conference in August 2020.

130 + delegates from 53 countries around the world will come together for the conference which will focus on collaborative power through peer connection with industry equals that share the same values. It will introduce a Global Network Gateway where face-to-face sharing and experiential learning is encouraged, reflective of the speed of change in the market and the requirements of organisations at both local and global levels. Building closer relationships between global partners will be a key focus of the conference along with the release of new global products to market and of course celebrating successes within the network too.

In 2018, the Catalyst Global Network gathered in South Africa. The theme of the conference was Evolution and new products such as ‘The Infinite Loop’, the world’s first Virtual Reality Team Building game was launched. Delegates from each partner country came together to participate in a variety of new-to-market team building experiences and of course experience incentive activities including safaris and expeditions into the bush!

This year, Orangeworks is hosting and delegates will converge in the Wicklow Mountains for the four day conference retreat at The Brooklodge Hotel, Macreddin Village, Co.Wicklow.

“We are delighted that Orangeworks are able to host our 2020 conference in Ireland. Following on from previous conferences in England, Dubai, Thailand and South Africa, this conference brings together 53 partners from all around the planet as we celebrate the 32nd year of Catalyst Global. Never have we been so strong with so much to offer the world of team building & team developement collectively. Focus, quality and sharing, underline our network as we continue to provide the world’s most innovative solutions to team working.” – Guy Baker, CEO of Catalyst Global

The Brooklodge Hotel and Macreddin Village is set in a designated area of natural beauty, located in a picturesque Wicklow valley an hour from South Dublin. The award winning resort also known as Ireland’s only Bio-friendly hotel, The Brooklodge Hotel offers geo-thermal energy resourced conference suites and has its very own spring wells. Macreddin Village uniquely works in association with The Climate Protection Partnership and make a conscious decision throughout all aspects of the hotel to be more bio and eco-friendly. When it comes to food for their guests they offer Ireland’s first Certified Organic Restaurant – The Strawberry Tree.

“We are delighted to have won the bid to bring this unique global conference to Ireland and more importantly to bring it back to where it all began for Orangeworks! Our journey started at The Brooklodge back in 2003, they were the first hotel to back us! Hosting this event onsite for all our Catalyst partners from around the world is something of a dream come true. We’re looking forward to showcasing Wicklow and indeed Ireland as many of our partners will stay on and holiday post conference too” – Oran Masterson, Co-founder of Orangeworks