Orangeworks Teams with gradireland for National Student Challenge 2018

Once upon a time, bonus payments were the accepted reward for targets achieved. But today, new entrants to the workplace prefer unforgettable experiences over material incentives, suggesting experiences motivate more effectively than possessions.

This modern trend is no anomaly. At Orangeworks, we know that graduates gain more value from experiences than material rewards, and that’s why we created a series of tailor-made challenges for gradireland’s National Student Challenge 2018.

Held at Chartered Accountants House on the 22nd of March, the National Student Challenge gives graduates the chance to see how they compare to other students from across Ireland’s top Universities and Institutes of Technology.

“It is a day when the brightest talent in the country congregates to compete in a variety of challenges that are assessing different competencies”.

Graduates took part in six unique cerebral-based challenges, chosen from our selection of experiences by gradireland’s employer partners; the finalists competed in their teams and against each another to claim the 2018 title of the “brightest student in Ireland” and to become the gradireland National Student Challenge winner!


In September 2017, Orangeworks teamed up with gradireland to work together on a number of their upcoming events throughout the year. We showcased several of our challenges at events such as gradireland’s Graduate Career Fair, gradireland Live! and, of course, the gradireland National Student Challenge.

Each of these events were a great success for us, and our team enjoyed working alongside gradireland for each one. But the real beneficiaries were the graduates, Ireland’s newest generation of thinkers, innovators and leaders.

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