gradireland National Student Challenge

Orangeworks partners with gradireland for the gradireland National Student Challenge. 


Since 2018 Orangeworks has been partnering with gradireland and their employer partners in finding Ireland’s newest generation of thinkers, innovators and leaders. Last year the event was held in The Gibson Hotel in Dublin City. Orangeworks developed 6 different high intuitive, physical challenges that students had to work on together to complete. However, this year was a little different…

Migrating to an online-only gradireland National Student Challenge was something we never thought would happen – however in true Orangeworks style – we adapted, prevailed and hosted a truly awesome online event! Over many Zoom Calls, online presentations and emails with the team at gradireland, we locked down 6 unique virtual challenges. Some of which included The Situation Room, The Secrets of the Knights Templar and Race Around The World. Students had to complete a variety of challenges from cracking cyphers to escaping a mob, to travelling around the world (virtually, – of course!). 

Alison from gradireland commented:

We ran our tenth annual but first ever virtual gradireland National Student Challenge final on Thursday 27th of August in partnership with Orangeworks and Aon assessment solutions. There was a big shift in how our event would run in a physical setting and transforming that to take place online. We worked really hard with the team in Orangeworks in order to create a really fun, engaging and enjoyable day for our finalists and our sponsors. We used the ‘GoTeam app’ for our challenges and conducted the challenge through Zoom. The Orangeworks team were a pleasure to work with and the event was a great success!”

We look forward to working with gradireland again in the near future! 

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