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An experiential learning, tablet based business game where teams manage resources and monitor conditions instructing guides up Mount Everest to the summit and return to base camp over an 18 day expedition. Guide your team to the top of Mount Everest

During an 18 day expedition, teams aim to guide their clients up to the top of Mount Everest and then safely back to base camp.  They must consider a range of factors including client fitness levels, weather, best route to the summit, acclimatisation, use of oxygen, pitching tents and strategies to outwit other teams in order to win. Key information is delivered to their teams tablet each day of the expedition.

Teams race against the other teams to make swift yet intelligent and sober decisions. As space is limited in each height zone, teams who procrastinate will be locked into a less ideal path or be unable to move! Along the way teams complete a series of active challenges as well including timed pop-up tent pack ups, blindfold climbing harness challenge and sleeping bag stuffing.

Teams must also decide on what their guide will need to carry – tents, oxygen and/or clients. Clients gain points for their team as they move higher up the mountain peak but if they do not take adequate supplies they risk illness from lack of acclimatisation and possible death with dire consequences.

Learning and development outcomes

This high tech interactive tablet game has been developed with meticulous attention to detail and is founded on extensive research into experiential learning with a focus on leadership and decision making. Peak Performance draws strong analogies between the skills required to successfully lead a group of climbers up Everest and, business & project practises, and more specifically, team management & business leadership skills.

Climbers face the same difficulties in reaching the summit that business leader’s face in reaching the heights of success in business. As an effective experiential learning tool, Peak Performance is based on an engaging popular theme, has tactile components, is fun yet challenging and has relevant links to everyday experiences.

New Product Template