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On episode 3, we sat down with the managing partners of SoolNua, Pádraic and Pat. We discussed their experience in the destination management and incentive industry and how they successfully managed teams of up to 3000 people.

Pádraic and Pat have 25 years experience of running successful businesses. They founded Delaney Marketing Consultants which then became Delaney Marketing which transpired into the Ovation Group and then MCI Dublin & Ovation Global DMC. After seperating from Ovation in 2014, they decided to start a new chapter and SoolNua was born.

We had an extremely interesting chat with the guys about the impact of company culture, delivering on your values and how it can influence the success of your team. We also touched on the world of destination management companies and the incentive industry.

In this episode of Orangeworks Insights, we chatted about:

  • Managing and leading high performance teams
  • Why it’s important to reward company achievements
  • Keeping your employees engaged through incentives
  • Ensuring creativity flows by changing your company environment
  • How leadership is linked to personality

Finally we touched on some tips and tricks for the DMC’s and how they can make their destination an attractive location for potential new customers.

Have a listen below!


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