Workplace Wellbeing – World Wellbeing Week

World Wellbeing Week 

This week (24th – 30th June), we celebrate World Wellbeing Week—a time to recognise and appreciate the many aspects of wellbeing, from meaningful work and financial security to physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as community relations and care for the environment.

Today, Orangeworks is focusing on wellbeing in the workplace, a key element highlighted in many of our team bonding programs. Check out some of our tips below to help foster positive wellbeing in your workplace.

Workplace Wellbeing Tips from Orangeworks

1. Keep Learning – Embrace new opportunities. Take on a new responsibility or rediscover an old one. Setting yourself a new challenge or learning a new skill will increase your confidence which can improve your mental health and wellbeing.

2. Separate Work From Home – This is especially important if you are working from home. Close your laptop at the end of your work day and don’t reopen it until the next morning. If possible, keep your workspace separate from your living space. Boundaries like these are known to increase work efficiency and decrease stresses in your personal life. For employers, it can lead to reduced turnover rates, higher employee morale, and a reputation as a great place to work.
3. Enjoy your lunch break – A simple way to look after your wellbeing is to not skip your lunch break. It can be tempting to work through it to clear your workload, but taking a break can make you feel more productive when you return. It gives you time to eat, make a drink, and do other things you need to stay energised and well.
4. Hold a Group Activity – Take time to enjoy the outdoors and get re-energised with your colleagues. Team bonding activities are designed to bring employees together, foster camaraderie, increase morale and improve communication and collaboration.  When properly implemented, they can lead to a range of benefits that contribute to overall employee wellbeing. Check out our range of team bonding activities. 
5. Take Regular Screen Breaks – Micro-breaks have shown to have a positive relationship with wellbeing and productivity. Spending 10 or 15 minute blocks away from your screen to catch up with colleagues. Encourage in person meetings over Zoom calls. By taking regular breaks away from your screen, you can boost your performance.
Prioritising wellbeing in the workplace is essential for fostering a positive and productive environment. When we feel supported and valued, we are more engaged, motivated, and able to perform at our best. By focusing on our wellbeing, we can contribute to a culture of health and happiness that benefits both ourselves and our colleagues and the organisation.