The Automotive World of Orangeworks

If you are an automotive company interested in showcasing your brand or newest product, then look no further.

Orangeworks are here to help you create a unique experience your buyers will never forget. Together we can build an impactful show that will ensure your event is the talking point of the industry.

What we offer:


Launch & Showcase Events:

The launch of a new product can either be a massive success or a complete failure. We at Orangeworks understand how important the success of your launch is. Therefore we want to share some insider information with you – there are no second chances. Your automotive launch needs to be attention-grabbing, excite your potential clients and convert them into buyers. Together we can make this a reality and bring your ideas to life. Whatever the vehicle type, Orangeworks will help to put on an impressive showcase.

Bespoke Solutions:

If you have decided to ignore the rule book and want to create something unique of truly epic proportions, Orangeworks will assist in making this happen. We want your automotive event to be remembered as an epic experience – that people are still talking about 5 years later. Hosting a bespoke experience gives you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Orangeworks will be on standby to make sure your ideas are turned into reality.

Orangeworks also offers a unique range of automotive driving experiences which can be enjoyed by any company as part of a team training day or team building event. Our locations are in Kildare and Wicklow.

What we offer:


Off-Road Driving:

With our purpose built 4 x 4 off-road tracks, this experience entertains even the most adventures of people. Hop into one of our off-road vehicles to take on muddy inclines,  tackle uneven surfaces and get to grips with a variety of off-road conditions. An experienced instructor will ride with you to ensure you are safe at all times. This experience builds trust among participants riding together. A great one for pushing limits and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Blindfold Driving:

Yes, you read that correctly – blindfold driving! This may be the whackiest of our automotive experiences but an exciting challenge for a team to enjoy. Communication and trust are key for this experience as team members help to guide the blindfolded driver around an obstacle course. This experience never fails to impress our automotive enthusiasts.

4 x 4 Training:

If you are a company that uses 4 x 4 vehicles, your drivers must be trained on how to drive them safely. 4 x 4 vehicles are extremely versatile which is why we need to ensure we get the most out of their many uses. We offer education on the components of 4 wheel drive and training on driving in hazardous conditions alongside contingency planning. We call this a necessity AND a luxury.

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