Team Development: Why Managers Need to Invest

The Importance of Team Development


Due to being in such a fast paced environment where the world is constantly evolving, we need to ensure our teams are also constantly evolving. Team Development experiences are necessary, whether your team are already on a path to greatness but more importantly if they are falling behind.

Team development takes time and if done right, is a huge success factor in any business or organisation. Individual members bring their own unique traits, preferences and experiences to the team.  We know it is a worthy investment because a team that clicks and works well together are more productive, more innovative, more engaged and happier in their work life – all of which at the end of the day benefits business operations and goals.

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Incorporating experiential based learning into your team’s day-to-day means you are providing them with meaningful and memorable ways to learn and grow as individuals but also as a team.

So, why should you invest in Team Development? 


Here are 4 reason’s why:


One Direction

It is sometimes easy to lose sight of the end goal for any project or assignment. Your team members need to be on the same page pulling in the same direction. Weekly check-ins with your team will allow you to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. It can also help to identify areas where there is room for improvement.


Delegating work can strengthen your team. Handing over new projects and tasks gives them an opportunity to learn new skills and showcase their talents. Help the team succeed by offering guidance when necessary. Allowing members to take on a new challenge will give them a sense of empowerment.

Healthy Competition

Friendly competition has been shown to improve productivity and incorporating it into a fun light-hearted activity allows your team members to bond more effectively. Members may come together and collaborate in ways you never thought possible.

Creative Thinking

A close-knit team have the ability to foster great innovation and creativity. Brainstorming and ideas bouncing off one another makes for easy collaboration, a creative workplace and increased productivity.

Orangeworks offers a range of fun and interactive team development opportunities. Whether you are interested in learning about top performance skills, creativity and innovation in the workplace or unleashing your leaders, we have something for everyone. Finding the right fit for you and your team is our primary objective. You tell us what you need, we create the experience, and you see your vision succeed.