5 Reasons Why Team Building Is Important

Another new year has rolled around and we guess that many of you have used this turning of the calendar to create New Year’s resolutions but remember; resolutions aren’t just for your personal life, they are also for your work life!  Now is the time to broaden your focus and consider your team goals. How are you going to build a high performing team and ensure its success?

Many of us can probably hold our hands up and say we took part in a team building session or activity at work where we learned how to communicate and collaborate better together. But, on returning to normal office life, did you go back to your normal behaviour? Are you working individually rather than collaboratively and talking about each other rather to each other? To build a high performing team you need to ensure that the lessons learned on your team building day are relevant to your team and that they are applied when everyone goes back to work.

Here are our Top 3 Characteristics in High Performing teams that you should be looking out for this year:

1. A high performing teams apply common sense

It’s not rocket science, but high performing teams apply logic and common sense when making decisions. They see things as they are.

Your New Year’s Resolution: Ask for feedback on what is working and what is not

  • Which elements are you doing well and consistently?
  • What needs care and attention?
  • What are you and the team committed to doing next to move towards a higher performance?

2. A high performing team has an uncommon discipline

They go beyond transactional tasks and use their common sense to do what they say they are going to do. Creating a common sense list is easy… following through and turning that into meaningful habits in your team is more challenging.

Your New Year’s resolution: Do what you say you will

  • What behaviours do your team say they are committed to but demonstrate inconsistently?
  • What are the non-negotiable items that the team need to commit to, no matter what?

3. A high performing team name the Elephants

High performing teams aren’t afraid to talk about the tough topics, the Elephants in the room. They identify problems and overcome them.

Your New Year’s resolution: Discuss the real issues that prevent high performance

  • What conversations should your team be having but choose not to?
  • What issues are evident but are also ignored on a daily basis?
  • Are there problems that need to be rectified so that the team can move forward together?

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