Top Tips For Kickoff Meetings in 2021

Top Tips For Kickoff Meetings in 2021 

A well thought out Project or Annual Kickoff Meeting will help you establish expectations, gather requirements and set the general tone for your year ahead. The purpose of kickoff meetings is to unite teams with a shared understanding of your goals and objectives, so make sure you take the time to plan it well and include our tips below.

1. Set An Agenda 

An agenda lets people mentally prepare for the meeting instead of thinking on their feet. Define a theme and purpose of the meeting and try to keep to the schedule. Assign roles and ask team members to take ownership of responsibilities.

2. Don’t Assume Everyone Knows Each Other

The bigger your company, the more likely you’ll have a few people working together for the first time. Even if they know each other by name, they might not necessarily have the trusting relationship they’ll need to work well together and perform at their best.

Consider including a short icebreaker at the top of your annual kickoff meeting. Orangeworks offer a vast portfolio of corporate icebreakers. Check out our range of virtual meeting icebreakers.

3.  Ensure Everyone Is On The Same Page

If everyone has a shared understanding of what you are doing and why, then your company or project kickoff meeting has been a success. We suggest making your meeting as interactive as possible. This keeps everyone engaged and ensures a common understanding of the goals set. Use Post-Its or a whiteboard to allow meeting attendees to write down their thoughts and ideas.

4. Ask For Feedback

If you don’t get to discuss feedback during the kickoff meeting, be sure to follow up soon afterwards so that your team has a clear path ahead of them. Work alongside your team to find a common ground and ensure everyone is happy with their objectives.

5. Celebrate Success

Achieving a goal is one thing but celebrating your successes is more important. At the end of your annual kickoff meeting, take the time to celebrate and congratulate your team for their hard work and efforts over the past year.Orangeworks offers a range of team bonding activities, team meeting icebreakers and corporate games that can be played at kickoff meetings. Our activities build closer workplace relationships and allow delegates to have some fun together. Contact our Sales Team via the button below for more information.