Top Tips for Kick Off Meetings

Now that the year is coming to a close its time to start thinking about next years plans, projects and goals. A company kick-off meeting or conference at the start of the new year is a great opportunity to align your team, set goals, and motivate everyone for the year ahead. Check out our top tips below for delivering a successful kick off meeting:

Top Tip 1: Reflect on the Previous Year

Start by reflecting on your successes and challenges of 2023. Acknowledge, congratulate employees and celebrate the wins. Openly discuss and outline your learnings from any setbacks the company may have had.

Top Tip 2: Set Clear Goals & Objectives 

Outline your company goals and objectives for 2024. Make sure they are specific, measurable and achievable, ensuring to provide a clear direction for your team.

Top Tip 3: Introduce New Projects & Initiatives 

If there are new projects or initiatives for the year, introduce them during your kick off meeting. Explain their benefits and how they align with the company’s overall goals.

Top Tip 4: Provide Training and Development Opportunities

Discuss opportunities for employee growth and development. This could include training programs and workshops to help employees enhance their skills. Check out our range of workshops here.

Top Tip 5: Encourage Team Building

Incorporate team building activities to your kick off meeting to help foster a positive and collaborative team culture. Team activities are known to encourage communication, and build stronger relationships among team members. Check out Orangeworks kick off event activities.

Contact Orangeworks for more information on our team activities, energisers and icebreakers – perfect for your 2024 Kick Off Meeting! We have a full range of games and activities that are sure to get your employees excited about the months ahead!