Today we are bringing you episode 2 of our new podcast series Orangeworks Insights where we discuss all things high performance and team development. We had a chat with Damian Killen who is a leading expert in pyschometric testing, in particular MBTI.

If you are unfamiliar with MBTI , Myers Briggs Type Indicator, it is a self assesement report which was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother Katharine Cook Briggs in the early 90’s.  MBTI uses a questionnaire to indicate different psychological preferences in how people make decisions and perceive the world around them. The assessment gives an insight into how peole work and learn. It is commonly used to gain a deeper understanding of relationship-building and team development and is also used for developing positivism and achieving excellence.

MBTI is a very useful instrument to help leaders adjust their leadership style according to the personality types of the people in their team.

In this episode of Orangeworks Insights, we discussed:

  • what MBTI is
  • why we should use MBTI
  • the personality types of your team
  • how understanding your teams personality types can make you a better leader
  • Damian’s top tip for pursuing team development using the MBTI model



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