Team Building in London

You’ve been given the responsibility of finding the perfect team building activity in London for your team, but you’re feeling unsure where to begin…

Hi! We’re Orangeworks, part of a global revolution in team building, and a certified member of the Catalyst Global Network, a group comprising 32 members in more than 40 regions around the world. We understand the challenges that come with selecting the ideal team building exercise. It involves carefully considering your team’s individual dynamics, objectives, and interests.

That’s where we step in. So, sit back, relax, and explore our top experiences tailored perfectly for your next team building in London.

Go Team London 

Group Size: 8 – Unlimited Duration: 1-3 Hours Approach: Collaborative Location: Outdoor

Go Team is an app based treasure hunt that takes participants on a team bonding tour of discovery around London’s most iconic locations. 

Using an iPad or tablet, teams follow arrows that help guide them to specific locations. Once there, GPS-triggered challenges are issued in the form of questions, clues, and pictures that they must work on together to complete in order to move on to the next spot.

Go Team is fully mobile and can be created for any location. Beginning and finishing points are completely up to you and we will design a route filled with fun checkpoints and tasks in between. We will create a custom map for your location and can incorporate any branding or images you desire.

Drone Control  

Group Size: 8 – Unlimited Duration: 1-2 Hours Approach: Collaborative Location: Indoor 

Drone Control is a high energy team building experience! Teams must carefully manoeuvre their drones through 8 obstacles that they carefully make using their own bodies and accompanying props. It’s the perfect activity to develop your teams communication, collaboration and creativity.

Please Note: This activity can only be done indoors. Have you got the perfect venue in London in mind? 


Group Size: 4 + Duration: 2 Hours Approach: Collaborative / Competitive Location: Indoor / Outdoor

Looking for something fun and out of the ordinary for your team building experience in London? iBuild is the one for you – think Chinese whispers, with a twist! Using a one-way communication chain, teams must work together to create a replica of a pre-made model. iBuild offers a unifying experience with strong outcomes, focusing on the importance of language, feedback, and creating a step-by-step project strategy.”

The Big Picture 

Group Size: 4 + Duration: 2 Hours Approach: Collaborative / Competitive Location: Indoor / Outdoor

Here’s a top choice for your team building afternoon in London: Our highly sought-after activity – The Big Picture. Having no idea what the final image will be, teams are tasked with painting individual canvases. They must work together to ensure that all lines meet and colours match up. Upon completion, the final masterpiece is unveiled for the first time to the inevitable sound of thundering applause and enthusiastic cheers. 

The painted image can be a representation of your company’s brand, values or goals and can be displayed in your office once complete. 


Group Size: 12 + Duration: 2 Hours Approach: Competitive Location: Indoor 

A brilliant scientist has developed a chemical formula for an artificial atmosphere. The formula has been kept in a locked box and hidden within a series of puzzles. Solve the puzzles and crack the codes to discover the formula to create a perfect atmosphere. Throughout this team building game, the value of each person’s talent, strength and capability is vital in order for the team to succeed as a group. Does this sound like something your team would be interested in for your corporate activities in London?

Now that you’ve seen some of what we offer, you can contact us via the button below to start planning your next team building experience in London. Don’t forget we also offer a full range of icebreakers and energisers – perfect for your next company conference. Whether you’re seeking adventure, creativity, leadership, or simply fun ways to bring your team together, we’ve got you covered. We look forward to hearing from you!