Whiskey Wisdom

Can your team identify the popular worldwide whiskeys by their aroma?


This is the perfect fun and collaborative evening event as teams identify Whiskey aroma profiles of popular worldwide brands.

Each group is provided with a rule guide and their very own aroma kit. This event seems an easy task although once teams begin they realise it may be a little more difficult than anticipated! They must gather together to discuss each sample strip smelled. Discussions often merge into what goes into a world-class brand before diverting back to what makes each Aroma Profile different.

We encourage some silliness and light hearted jokes as teams pick apart, compare and discuss answers. Overall democracy wins and the enthusiasts must come to an agreement before giving their answers.

Whilst the winning team boasts about their superiority, everyone has learned something new in this fun challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: Groups that do not wish to serve alcohol can also partake in this event. If you would like to arrange whiskey shots as part of a tasting nightcap, just let us know!

Whiskey Wisdom Key Business Benefits