Whiskey Wisdom

Can your team identify the popular worldwide whiskeys by their aroma?


This is the perfect fun and collaborative evening event as teams identify Whiskey aroma profiles of popular worldwide brands.

What is Whiskey Wisdom?

Teams receive games rules and a box of aroma bottles. Participants sniff and sip the whiskeys in an attempt to identify each sample in the box.  The seemingly easy task often becomes more nuanced the moment teams start coming together to discuss each sample strip smelled. The conversation often dovetails into what goes into a brand before circling back into what makes each Aroma Profile unique.

Banter is encouraged as teams pick apart, compare and discuss answers. In the end, democracy wins out and the would-be aficionados need to come to a consensus before submitting their results. 

How can it help your team?

Engage your team in the process of quick, informed decision making. Communication and collaboration are at an all-time high in this team activity. Whiskey Wisdom is a light-hearted networking activity will have your people relaxing and laughing as they listen to the opinions of others and discuss and debate their way towards a collective decision.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Energising a conference 
  • Listening to others 
  • Decision-making skills 
  • Persuasive language 

Does Whiskey Wisdom fit your team? 

Irish Whiskey Wisdom event details

Contact us via the button below to learn more about Whiskey Wisdom. If whiskey doesn’t tickle your fancy why not try Team Tonic? Orangeworks also offers a full range of virtual team building activities with fun, festive themes. We can help you create a company Christmas party event that is sure to bring your team closer together this holiday season.